Touchbar Pet

A Mac app that puts a little fella in your touchbar.


A hexagon-based tessellation art app.   Turn on auto-symmetry to make your designs more quickly!  Share your artwork with friends, or share with other Hexellations users.  Like something you see?  You can download their design and modify it!

Teach your child about tessellations and the different types of symmetry!  Auto-symmetry modes include: 3-fold Rotational Symmetry, 6-fold Rotational Symmetry, Reflection Symmetry, and Translation Symmetry.

View on App Store  (note – this app is iPad only)

Simple Pitch

Learn to sing! This app will graph your pitch.

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1D Automata

A one-dimensional cellular automata app that allows you to choose multiple states and neighbors. The possibilities aren’t LITERALLY endless, but there are more than 3.5 * 10 ^ 217832 rules to explore!

Play around and make neat patterns!

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Flash Games

I used to make Flash games.   If your browser supports Flash, they’re still playable!

Play Petri Lab!

Petri Lab – A puzzle game wherein the bacteria interact with each other in different ways and it’s up to you to make a super-germ!

Play Snake Defense!

Snake Defense – A blend of snake and reverse tower defense! With 7 special moves, 20+ towers, 20+ achievements, RPG-type leveling up, 2 secret rooms, a minigame, and more!

Play Cannibal Cuisine!

Cannibal Cuisine  – A time management game wherein you run a shady pie shop.

Play Leaf Blight!

Leaf Blight – This game is a little older and uses…. Comic Sans…..  It’s a logic puzzle game in which you need to strategically pluck blighted leaves from trees.

Play Poetry in Brownian Motion!

Poetry in Brownian Motion – A Lewis Carroll poem gets lost in the belly of a Jabberwock!

Other Flash Projects

Hexaflexagon Designer – Upload 6 different images to automatically make a hexaflexagon.

Variations on the game Set – I love making variations on a theme!  Play set with 2 attributes, 3 attributes, 4 attributes (the regular version), 5 attributes; or play the match 4 version; or play meta set, in which you must make a set in three separate decks, and those sets must themselves form a valid set!

Chess Board – Not a game, but a little toy to help you work on Chess problems when you don’t have a board handy.  Sets up from FEN diagrams.

Pineapple Hare Race – Made for April Fools Day

Typogenetics – This is very much not polished, but still interesting.  Play along while reading Godel Escher Bach.