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Bash Aliases for Harry Potter Enthusiasts!

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alias accio=wget
alias avadaKedavra='rm -f'
alias imperio=sudo
alias priorIncantato='echo `history |tail -n2 |head -n1` | sed "s/[0-9]* //"'
alias stupefy='sleep 5'
alias wingardiumLeviosa=mv

alias sonorus=’set -v’
alias quietus=’set +v’

alias colloportus=’openssl enc -aes-256-cbc’ # locking spell! $colloportus -in unencryptedName -out encryptedName
alias alohamora=’openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc’ # unlocking spell! $alohamora -in encryptedName -out unencryptedName

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Principal Component Analysis and Fashion

Any set of images can be broken down with Principal Component Analysis. This has been done pretty successfully with faces. Here we’ll take a look at style.

Our dataset is 807 pictures of dresses from Amazon. They have a standard image size, but unfortunately do not have a standard model pose (though they tend to be centered in the image similarly). Ideally, our principal components would only be about actual dress style, but here many of them will be concerned with model pose. Despite this, we can still do a lot with this data set.


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Deepdreaming Without the Slugdogs

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In our deepnightmares, we’ve seen monstrous slugdogs, shoggoths of endless eyes, creatures beyond all reckoning. Wherever we look, a dog’s face stares back at us, with their cohort of unflinching finches, all beaks and eyes. We try to escape into different layers, but we are still confronted with monsters of lizards, trypophobia-inducing insects, skin melting into panflutes, mouths melting into tennis balls. Is there no hope?


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A Thousand Years of the Painted Face

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Humans have always been compelled by faces. We like to look at them, we like to draw them, we like to take pictures of our own face, we see them in the moon and in our toast and in a random outcropping of rocks. We look at a friend’s face and instantly know what she’s feeling. We look at a 700-year-old painting of a face and we can feel what that person’s world is like on the inside.

Our depiction of the human face hasn’t remained constant, however. Using a technique called face averaging, we can see how the art of the face has evolved.

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Settlers of Catan Penrose Tiles

Tired of hexagons? Try playing Settlers of Catan with some Penrose Tiles! Print out as many as you need, then cut along the black lines. When placing tiles (either initial placement or later fog-of-war placement) the little blue and yellow marks MUST match up with the marks of an adjacent tile!

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